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Buckingham Palace

The Palace was built as a house for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, and is now the permanet residence of the Queen. Extensive alterations were made to it by Nash in 1825. Queen Victoria had its huge arched gateway moved to Tyburn and it is now known as Marble Arch. The view of the Palaced from the Mall is really the 'back door' as the Palace faces on to the 40 acre garden. Changing of the Guard takes place at Buckingham Palace. The State Rooms are located in the main west front overlooking the garden and are extravagantly decorated with some of the finest pictures, tapestries and works of art from the Royal Collection. They were opened to the public in 1992. They are only open for two months each summer and you will need to check the specific dates in advance for next year. There are no guided tours, you are free to wander at your own pace. You should allow at least two hours. Tickets are available from the ticket office in Green Park which is open between 09.00am and 16.00pm during the period the Palace is open.