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Tips for Finding London Flats

There are a few things that everyone should know before trying to find a flat to rent in London. This article is to provide you with tips and helpful advice to finding the perfect flat to rent in London. If you want a flat for yourself rather than a flat share there are many avenues you could go down.

Looking on the internet and looking on message boards are a great place to start as they will give you an idea of what is available and what price you will be likely to have to pay. You could also use estate agencies in London that specialise in renting out flats, bedsits and houses to people looking for them. They assist you in finding the right property for you and will help you work out your budget for your new flat to rent in London.

Newspapers have special listings that can help you find a flat to rent in London. Look in the housing section and browse through your choices. Where you end up renting in London will have a lot to do with your budget and the maximum amount of rent you can pay per month. You will have to be able to prove you are getting a steady income and that you can meet all the rent payments and all the utility payments as well. People often forget to add bills such as electric, gas, television licence and other such fees into their budget. You could find yourself seriously over stretched money wise if you don.t factor in all the payments you will have to make on a weekly or a monthly basis.

Always ask a certain number of questions before you jump in and start renting a flat in London, here a few questions you should always ask the landlord or the agency dealing with the property in London.

         Is the flat furnished or un-furnished? If it is furnished do you have to provide an inventory list or will the landlord do it. If the landlord does it make sure you do your own for your sake so you have something to refer to should any questions arise

         How long is the rental period? Make sure you know exactly how long you can live in the flat for rent and if you can renew after the initial period is over

         Where are the nearest shops, supermarkets and pubs? Always make sure you are living fairly close to certain amenities; you don.t want to be stranded out in the sticks especially if you can.t drive

         Are there any congestion charges if you drive to and from where you are renting


Finding a flat to rent in London doesn.t have to be stressful. If you make sure you plan ahead and have all your questions ready you will be fine. Remember to always stick to your budget; that luxury apartment or flat to rent in Notting Hill may be spectacular, but if you can.t afford it you will end up in trouble!