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Royal Albert Hall

This was the inspiration of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, who in the early 1850s decided on having a Great Hall built as a cultural centre. This was to be used as a school, museum and library but the Prince died before plans were finalised. However his ideas did not perish with him and in 1871 a scaled down version was completed. It was designed by Fowke and its oval shape is reminiscent of Roman amphitheatres. Below its massive metal and glass dome, a terracotta frieze shows the progress of Man in the arts and sciences throughout the ages. Orinally named the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences, in memory of the Prince, it became known as just the Royal Albert Hall and is capable of seating about 5500. It is here too that a variety of events and festivals are held throughout the year but the emphasis is on music and musical concerts. Between July and September each year the Hall is host to the 'Proms' which are the BBC Promenade Concerts held here since the war.

Located at: Kensington Gore, London, SW7

Telephone: 020 7589 8212

Opens: phone for details

Cost: varies - phone for details

Closest Subway Station: HighStreet Kensington (Click to see more atrraction at this station)