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Big Ben

Big Ben is not the name of the famous London Clock as many believe, it is, in fact the name of the 13-ton bell (named after a bureaucrat) which can be found inside the clock. The Bureaucrat that the bell was named after was Sir Benjamin Hall. The Bell can be found in St. Stephen's Tower which is at the northern end of the Houses of Parliament.
The bell itself is not very old compared to the houses of Parliament. When Parliament is in session after dark a light shines from the top of St. Stephen's Tower.
The clock is huge, the tower is a mere 320 feet high with the clock faces being 23 feet wide. The minute hands are 14 feet long and cover the distance of an average man every 5 minutes.
The bell was completed in 1859 and at the time it was the largest bell in the United Kingdom. The tower which holds the bell is also referred to as the clock tower for obvious reasons. The accuracy of the Clock is controlled using old pennies.