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Education in the United Kingdom is of a high standard. In order to get into university you have to first complete at least 13 years of education. There are now standard tests for children at each stage of there school career, but the two most important test results are the G.C.S.E (General Certificate of Secondary Education) which is awarded for each subject using a grading system of A - E. It is given out in the 11th year, a time when children are legally allowed to leave school. The average student takes between 7 and 12 subjects in order to obtain the same amount of G.C.S.E’s. Most students go on to complete A Levels, the second of the two important tests, but the more important of the two. Students typically take either three or four A Levels in the subjects of their choice at the end of their 13th year. The results of your A Levels are a major factor in deciding which university you will be able to go to. Students go to University for 3 to 4 years with full time courses and are often offered the opportunity to enter into an exchange program.