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Cycling is a great way to see many of Great Britain’s cities. Many places have special cycling lanes like Oxford. It is one of the best ways to see the English countryside. You can use your bicycle to ride along tow paths (paths that run next to canals that formerly used by horses to pull barges) for some of the best riding. The Tow Paths can be found in varying conditions, however many them are currently being renovated in order to better facilitate bicycle traffic. One Canal that needs special mention is the Kennet and Avon Canal. The Tow path is perfect for cycling; especially in and around the city of Bath

Bicycles can be hired by the day at a fairly reasonable rate of about 10 per day. Maps can also be found at most bookshops rather cheaply as well.

A word of warning when riding along the tow path: Be sure to watch out for "stinging nettles". These are plants that grow along many canal banks and hurt for hours after contact with your legs. Be sure to know what they look like or where trousers or long socks.