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Bed & Breakfast

One can find Bed and Breakfasts most anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you like the personal touch of being greeted by the same person every morning then a Bed and Breakfast is for you, as they are mostly family owned and run. A convenient feature of Bed and Breakfasts is one can often get a room in a Bed and Breakfast where hotels may not be available, like in the countryside or in the centre of a major city like Bath, London or Oxford. The tourist board rates Bed and Breakfasts.

They first use between one and five crown symbols (five having the most facilities). An inspector then visits the location and gives it one of the following ratings:

DELUXE (excellent)
APPROVED (acceptable)

The prices for a Bed and Breakfast will vary greatly depending on factors including their location and rating, but prices typically start from about 10 per night.