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Earlswood in West Midlands

Between Tanworth and Shirley lies the village of Earlswood. A favorite resort of Brimingham visitors, the Earlswood Lakes are comprised of the reservoirs of Stratford and Birmingham Canal. The villagers had dug the twenty-five and a half mile waterway when a horse-cutting machine had failed. Near the lakes is the farm known as the Witch Pits, which, according to town legends, was the site of the ducking of an old woman charged with witchcraft.

Earlswood offers various sites for visitors to see including the Moat House, one of the oldest houses in the area with sections of the house dating back to 1480. The Village Museum preserves the town’s history and is run by volunteers. Located on Village Hall Shutt Lane, the museum is open from March to September one Sunday every month. Another place of interest, the Manor Farm Craft Workshop has furniture recreation, stained glass, printmaking, a vintage car display, and the workshop’s farm features a homemade ice cream shop.