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Statue of Eros

Positioned in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, the statue was the work of Albert Gilbert and erected in 1892. Strange as it may seem the statue is in fact a memorial fountain in commemoration of the Earl of Shaftesbury; furthermore the figure ‘Eros’ is not the mythical Greek God of Love but it is the Angel of Christian Charity. The statue remains one of London’s most famous landmarks. The British have a saying "it is as bad as Piccadilly Circus" to indicate when the traffic or something else is very busy and seems chaotic as this is the way it always is at Piccadilly Circus

Located at: Piccadilly Circus, London,

Telephone: n/a

Opens: n/a

Cost: free

Closest Subway Station: Piccadilly Circus Station (Click to see more atrraction at this station)