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Bath in Avon

Bath is the best preserved Georgian city in Britain. One of England's oldest cities, it has been famous since Roman times for its warm mineral springs. Bath also benefits from its location on the banks of the River Avon.

The Roman Baths are located in the centre of town. These are the best preserved Roman remains to be found anywhere in England.The springs originate in the eastern Mendips, collecting mineral saltsalong the way, and surfacing again in Bath. In the early 18th century,the bath waters were believed to have healing powers. Adjoining the Roman Baths is the Pump Room where the Bath waters can be seen while drinkinga cup of tea.

Visitors can find a number of attractions in this historic city. Sixteen of Great Britain's most famous museums are located in Bath. Boats and canoes are available for hire to view the beautiful River Avon. Royal Victoria Park is a prime location for outdoor recreation. Bath is also known for its wide range of antique shops and markets.

Without doubt Bath fully and unreservedly deserves its designation by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Its history goes back over 2000 years and was called Aquae Sulis by the Romans. Its name was changed to Bath during the Dark Ages.