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Walsall in West Midlands

Located in a region known as the Black Country named after the fact that the Industrial Revolution was founded here. This pleasant town is a booming center of industry and cultural. Also known as the Leather Capital of Britian with ninety companies producing saddles, ridding equipment and other some leather goods. Its four trade museums, Birchills Canal Museum, The Lock Museum, The Leather Museum, and Willenhall display the economic growth and impact of the Industrial Revolution on this town. Itís world-renowned leather quality have even earned a place on the local soccer team, which calls themselves the Saddlers. The other main attraction that is the source of much pride are the art museums including: the New Art Gallery, home to the Garman Ryan collection formerly the residence of one of Walsall most famous people, author Jerome K. Jerome; the Walsall Museum and the Art Gallery, which contain wide ranging exhibits of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures put together by Kathleen Epstein, the widow of Jacob Epstein in addition, there are various works by Blake, Degas, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Picasso, Ruskin, Turner, and Jacob Epstien. Because of its landscape there are a wide range of things to do in this town. More than a third of it is grassland and fields, a few that are natural reserves and conservations, and the canals, once used by the industrial companies, but are now used by the public for recreational purposes. There are also a variety of markets including both modern and antique. Perhaps one of the most remarkable things to see in Walsall is its annual illuminations, which occur every Autumn at the charming Walsall Arboretum, a huge public park with tennis and bowls facilities, a boating lake, a nine hole golf course, and a putting green. Britainís largest inland Illuminations, it draws over 250,000 spectators every year.