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Jarrow in Tyne & Wear

Well known for its Early Christian history, the town of Jarrow focuses on three particular attractions: Bede’s World, St. Paul’s Church, and Jarrow Hall. Exemplifying religious, archeological, and cultural settings, the Bede’s World allows visitors to experience the Venerable Bede’s life during the seventh and eighth century. The Bede had entered the monastery as a child and composed 37 books about early Christian England; he is now known as the first historian of Britain. Benedict Bishop constructed the monastery in 674 AD. Jarrow’s St. Paul’s Church still stands with its Saxon tower, but the chancel is the only surviving part of the monastery. Adjacent to the church, Jarrow Hall has been converted into a museum that houses Anglo-Saxon stones and excavated relics. Jarrow Hall also boasts an 11-acre period farm with a visitor reception center. Meals, snacks, and shops are available at the hall.