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Ventnor in Isle of Wight/Hampshire

A refreshing and organic getaway Ventnorís landscape provides the resources for a completely soothing experience. Situated at the bottom of the St. Boniface Down, the islandís highest point, on a geological landslip. The harmless landslides off the down create terraces called the Undercliff cause a unique sub-tropical climate also known as 'The Garden Isle'. Exotic floral terraces and the famous Botanical gardens with flourishing plants from all over the world is just the beginning. Visited by the early Victorians unforgettable beauty, having been dubbed the Madeira of England, Ventnor loveliness still remains unscathed. Modern health spas are an added bonus that help people to melt their cares away. The lush vegetation of the Cascade harbors paths that tumble down to the Esplanade and the beach. Guided walks, bird watching, cycling, sunbathing, angling, horseback riding, and golfing are just a few of the various other activities this town has to offer. There are also antique road shows that held there twice a year in the months of April and October. Ventnor is also home to the oldest brewery on the Isle of Wight. Producing beer that exhibits the taste and quality of old age recipes.